Cloud-Ready Features: The Biggest Differentiators in Logistics Tech

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In a world where a number of logistics companies are pitching their technological capabilities, what should (and does) matter for the industry? The Cloud. The world is moving towards the cloud, and it is no secret that even the most robust applications can offer scalability only if they offer cloud-based services. Manual servers are clunky,… Read more »

The Control Tower Model: An Essential Supply Chain Management Strategy

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Supply Chain Management is one of the essential functional areas that is part of every manufacturing-distribution process. Supply Chain Management, in its all-encompassing form, includes every aspect of goods handling post the manufacturing process. Enhancing the supply chain management process has direct positive impact on the logistics process as well.

Technology-Enabled Logistics Marketplaces: The Trend that will Drive the Industry

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Logistics Freight Marketplace

The movement of freight is an ongoing process that most businesses have to deal with on a daily basis in India. Right from small businesses to large corporations, logistics processes play a significant role in the overall efficiencies. The segment of logistics marketplaces is based off on the concept of collaborative structures that rely on… Read more »