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The Control Tower Model: An Essential Supply Chain Management Strategy

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Supply Chain Management is one of the essential functional areas that is part of every manufacturing-distribution process. Supply Chain Management, in its all-encompassing form, includes every aspect of goods handling post the manufacturing process. Enhancing the supply chain management process has direct positive impact on the logistics process as well.

Technology-Enabled Logistics Marketplaces: The Trend that will Drive the Industry

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Logistics Freight Marketplace

The movement of freight is an ongoing process that most businesses have to deal with on a daily basis in India. Right from small businesses to large corporations, logistics processes play a significant role in the overall efficiencies. The segment of logistics marketplaces is based off on the concept of collaborative structures that rely on… Read more »

Automation, 7 Logistics Processes It Can Simplify, & Ground-Level Realities

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With the hustle in the e-commerce and manufacturing sector across the world over the past few years, another industry had to adapt and grow alongside to support it — logistics. As innovative supply chain management techniques have revolutionized warehouse management, fleet management has gradually improved, and documentations have been streamlined; new logistics automation technologies have… Read more »